Welcome to Dr. Shelley M Khullar Godtfredsen

Dr Shelley has worked as a specialist in Oral Surgery in the UK, Switzerland and Norway over the last 25 years, in both private practice, hospital and research doing a comprehensive range of treatments. Reconstruction of bone defects for implant surgery is a special interest. She is passionate about research and development of new clinical and laboratory methods and has hence used her time on this both in Norway and abroad.

About Shelley


She is on the Specialist Oral Surgery Register of the UK (EU), Norway and Switzerland.

 At present she works in private practice in Oslo, Norway. Her area of special interest is bone reconstruction for implant patients.

She is the founder of a company focusing on regenerative medicine based in Norway (regenerative.no). She is currently a visiting post doctoral scientist at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Department of Developmental Biology.

Shelley´ s work

An excerpt of publications, presentations and attention given by the media.